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Student Council

School's Philosophy

Student Council  Student Council

The school believes in training students to be leaders in different areas of activity. The Student Council of the school consists of such young leaders who aptly handle the affairs of students and form a strong link between the staff members and the student community. Members of the Student Council work in complete unison even though their areas of functioning vary. The senior members of the council guide, provide support and help the junior members who in turn respect their seniors and look up to them for inspiration and encouragement.

The House System

The presence of the House System provides a healthy spirit of competition among students. Different duties are allotted to each house every month and these keep rotating. The duties are those of Assembly checking, cleanliness and discipline. Besides, many inter-house competitions are held and this keeps the house members on their toes right through the year. The four houses are named after birds signifying flight in various directions as also the symbol of flow of strength which can be revceived from nature.

  1. Hope
  2. Victory
  3. Peace
  4. Valour

Their representative council members organise the discipline assemblies and competitions of the school.

Office Bearers for Student Council

Senior Wing (2016-2017)
School Captain Rohit Raj XII A
Cultural Secretary Sheoli Chaturvedi XII D
Vice Cultural Secretary Shambhhavi Rana XI A
Secretary (Activities) Vanshika Jain XII D
Vice Secretary (Activities) Garima Mangla XI C
Sports Captain Manya Sehrawat XI B

House Prefects
Hope Sushrut Garg XII D
Victory Deepshika Sharma XI B
Peace Navika Gupta XII C
Valour Tanya Singh XII A

Vice House Prefects
Hope Tushar Jain XI B
Victory Anushka Jha X C
Peace Rabya Nautiyal XI D
Valour Preeti Thakran XI B

Discipline Squad
Arnav Dawer XII A In-charge
Mukul Acharya XI C  
Riya Verma XI A  
Shaurya Lakra XI A  
Maleha Khan X A  
Vatsalya Sharma X A  
Palak Sharma X A  
Vibhuti Gandhi IX A  
Richard Rexon X D  
Shreyas Keskar IX D  

Editorial Team
Shibani Chakravorty XII D
Zufshan Imran XI C
Niharika Mohile XI B
Rohini Ghosh X A
Aditya Chopra IX A
Sunidhi IX A
Kartik Bhateja IX D
Nandini Gupta IX C

Student Council Formation

The Student Council is formed in the following manner :

  1. The various posts are announced.
  2. Applications are invited.
  3. Applications are screened by a committee.
  4. The screened candidates are called for an interview, which is conducted on pre-set criteria.
  5. The most eligible and befitting candidate is chosen for each post.